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How do I increase revenue in my bar, restaurant or nightclub?  Many POS Companies say they CAN do it. But we can show you HOW! Let us show you NOW...

#Point of Sale

Our system configuration rolls sales tax into your drink prices automatically.  Most places we know do this because they don't want their bartenders slowed down dealing with pennies, nickels and dimes.  In effect you are discounting your prices through automated rounding during cash transactions. We call it the Speed of Service Discount.

Speed of Service is actually a discount offered when your customers pay cash. Depending on your credit card volume you may be literally losing tens of thousands of dollars without an automation like this. It adds up quick and 2TouchPOS is the only system out there that can make this happen for you automatically.

Payment Processing

Speed of Service Discount Calculator

Weekly Credit Card VolumeSales TaxWeekly Revenue IncreaseMonthly Revenue IncreaseAnnual Revenue IncreaseThree Year Revenue Increase
200.00 USD%$$$$
1,300.00 USD8.13%$105.63$457.71$5,492.5$16,477.5
15,000.00 USD.06%$9$39$468$1,404
45,000.00 USD7.25%$3,262.5$14,137.5$169,650$508,950
7,000.00 USD7.75%$542.5$2,350.83$28,210$84,630
1,000.00 USD6.25%$62.5$270.83$3,250$9,750
5,000.00 USD6.25%$312.5$1,354.17$16,250$48,750
10,000.00 USD5.5%$550$2,383.33$28,600$85,800
12,000.00 USD9.75%$1,170$5,070$60,840$182,520
3,000.00 USD8.25%$247.5$1,072.5$12,870$38,610
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