Worried about UNAUTHORIZED COMPS, VOIDS, and Spills?? With 2TouchPOS...DON'T.


Are you Wondering About Comps, Voids and Spills?


Keep track of ALL Transactions….



Use 2TouchPOS to distinguish between Comps,  Returns, and Spills. Comps are items or discounts taken off the bill like beverages or meals that are actually delivered to the table. More than likely these are planned. Returns or Spills are Server or Bartender Errors that were made. A Spill is when the item ordered was wrong, this would indicate that the item was damaged, dropped, made incorrectly, or not what was anticipated by the customer.

It is important to understand the difference between Comping an item or Spilling, and Returning the item to inventory. This is because of how you track your gross sales and calculate them in your operation. These records also can help you determine "Root Cause". If you play your cards right you can figure out that your Bartender might need more training or, the Server you hired really should be a b-Server. If your establishment isn't recording these instances you could be making decisions that cost you money.


Comps, Spills and Voids


The Comp and Spill tab are open tabs specially programmed to carry inventory that has been made and not purchased. Only employees that have been approved for Void Functions can move items to these tabs.


Comping a tab refers to giving customers free menu items, whereas the Spill tab refers to items that were made but not sold. The Spill tab is important for inventory tracking this is your means to monitor waste. Employees who have permissions can Comp an entire tab or specific menu items on the customer tab.


Manager Function


Using the Void option is a  Manager Function. This reinforces an approval process when your servers and if you want; your bartenders, need to Void or designate an item as a Comp or Spilled item to remove it from a tab.


These processes make it simple to capture what really happened when it was busy so that any internal operational issues can be resolved behind the scenes. You will know who needed the transaction removed, when and who approved it ; and you will be able to monitor any expense that may have occurred .


Inventory and Transaction Tracking


Choose the appropriate void option;

Transfer to Comp Tab, Transfer to Spill Tab, or Return to Inventory.

For a Comp, the employee will select a reason for Comp. When a drink or food menu item are spilled, they should be transferred to transfer to Spill tab and this waste is carefully monitored by management. The Return to Inventory option is used when a menu item has been sent and cannot be deleted, but could be sold.

Our process for tracking transactions as well as functions, provides you with the ability to add controls so that you can better manage YOUR bottom line.



Void Options are Controlled by the Manager