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Bars, Restaurants, and Clubs...

are part of a thriving industry. An economic juggernaut ringing up over 700 billion dollars annually yet, according to a study for Cornell and Michigan Universities; 50% are gone by year 3. Reality TV shows about rescuing the impossible have influenced the entertainment industry in a BIG way. Unlike the entertainment industry, we understand that failure is not an option. We know that owning is a high stakes competition that is “risky”. Owning a restaurant is a “gladiator sport”, and with 2Touch the message is: Welcome to the Arena!

Pittsford Pub

This industry is under constant social, economic, and technological pressure to adapt and evolve. You have heard the stories about this business. Stories about binge drinking habits, the rising costs of goods and services, using outdated software, and let us not forget the issues with how you are paid as consumers shift from using cash to placing purchases on plastic. These external forces directly affect your profit margin. The result is this: being in business has become a strategic game of precision, compounding and providing a constant focus on your guest check average.

We will make you an “owner in the know.” We will give you fast, precise, financial controls because 2TouchPOS delivers. YOUR system is unlike any other.


...YOUR Point of Sale System is...The KEY to Controlling Your Business

For the Independent Bar, Nightclub and Restaurant Owner!

2TouchPOS software is an easy-to-use, affordable way to automate your enterprise. It will help you manage your operations more efficiently and effectively so you can save time and money. 2TouchPOS software combined with selected durable hardware, provide a reliable means of:

  • Preparing fast accurate customer bills
  • Recording accurate sales transactions 
  • Analyzing Data about your performance
  • Making adjustments to your product mix almost instantly
  • Gaining greater control over your operations
  • Managing multiple credit card tabs effortlessly
  • Improve communication and morale between the kitchen and your wait staff
  • Increase your profits


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2TouchPOS is everything you need; manage YOUR Business !

With simple; intuitive User Interface