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Cuomo is calling for a Wage Board Review based upon the theory that tipped workers are paid a required base rate then their tips are added to that base pay and must equal or exceed the minimum wage. Soon the NYS Wage Board will meet to review regulations for tipped employees and recommend changes if needed. Make sure YOU voice your opinions get involved and tell the State Labor Commission how changes may impact you!

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What would happen to YOUR Business if Minimum Wage Increases in 2018?

Minimum Wage Standards impact us all and;  in facing the future we will be dealing with ongoing controversy as the rising cost of living and wages impacts all businesses large and small.  We would like to hear what you have to say about the upcoming Wage Board Review that Cuomo is preparing to initiate. 

We are a company that services the Bar, Restaurant and Nightclub industry; and we feel that it is imperative that our customers consider the impact of this review.  We know any changes will certainly impact our business and yours.


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