Internet Connectivity

You might be considering how to provide internet access for your point of sale, your office, other devices, and your patrons. The most effective networking design is to provide a dedicated broadband connection for your 2Touch system.

Point of Sale Bandwidth

The point of sale systems needs sufficient bandwidth to effectively process credit cards and be remotely supported. Other devices and users can consume sufficient bandwidth to cause credit card transactions to fail and keep us from providing support.

Point of Sale Isolation

Your point of sale system and data need to be kept safe and secure. Your point of sale data processes patron sensitive data (credit cards) and contains data you need to run your business. The point of sale terminals and their traffic should be isolated from other equipment and internet traffic.

No Wireless for Point of Sale

For data security your point of sale systems should always be hard wired into the network and to the internet.

Networking Infrastructure

Locate an out of the way, cool, dry, secure area to use as a networking space. Your broadband modem, firewall, switches will all be placed here. All network runs will terminate here.


The ambient temperature should be between 0 and 40ºC (32 and 104ºF). Keep the equipment away from heat sources such as direct sunlight, warm air exhausts, hot-air vents, and heaters.

Operating Humidity

The installation location should be dry and have a maximum relative non-condensing humidity of 90%.


Do not restrict airflow by covering or obstructing air around electronic equipment. Airflow is essential for cooling. Keep at least 2 inches (5.08 centimeters) free on all sides for cooling. Be sure there is adequate airflow in the room or wiring closet where you intend to install this equipment.

Operating Conditions

Keep the equipment at least 6 ft (1.83 m) away from nearest source of electromagnetic noise, such as a photocopy machine, florescent balasts, and refrigerator motors.


Electric quality is vital. Dirty electric causes equipment failure.

Ensure your electrical circuits are up to code.

Ensure the proper polarity and grounding.

Use separate Circuits to Isolate POS equipment.

Surges produced by large equipment cycling on and off affect all devices on the same circuit. It's best to isolate sensitive electronic devices by placing them on their own electrical circuits.

SmartPower UPS and Line Conditioners.

Smart Power Systems add value and performance features that minimize the failure of components, which will contribute to the restaurateurs cost management and profitability.

Common surge protection devices (SPD) and off the shelf UPSes only protect you from lightning strikes. Be careful of devices that emphasize joule ratings and attenuation specs, neither offer "let-through" voltage results which is the true measurement of power protection products that work best to enhance you and your establishments reputation. Smart Power Systems POS Guardian and UPS-T products meet both the Semiconductor Industry recommendation and IEEE standards, delivering computer grade power to your sensitive electronics.