2Touch V4 Next Generation Payment Processing

2TouchPOS Masters of Speed! Cash Transactions in just 2 Touches. You're HERE! You have a bit more to learn about payment options and the flexibility you're going to get with your 2TouchPOS System. Cash, Gift Cards, Discounts, Specials, Gift Certificates and Streamlined Payment Processing. Our PARTNERS are moving fast to keep up with the payment options that are presented in this industry. 2TouchPOS integrates with major credit card platforms.  So what does that mean exactly? It means our software has flexibility. Talk to us;  we can help you get what you need.

Our Account Managers are here to explain available Payment Processing Tactics. What might fit your business best and, since we have all worked in the industry; we have the know how to BOOST your Payment Processing Power. Working to leverage it as a business tool! Make the most of your Payment Processing Talk to our Account Managers TODAY!


2TouchPOS Credit Card Integration


Let's Touch Upon the Main POINTS:


  • 2Touch version 4 (v4) and higher is EMV compliant.  
  • We have Partnered with VANTIV to bring you a quality Credit Card and Payment Processing system. With Vantiv we offer Mobile Payments, a Secure Payment System, Merchant Services, a full variety of Payment Options, an entire development team and a fantastic Solutions Team;  THERE WHEN YOU NEED THEM!
  • To EMV or Not to EMV? GOOD QUESTION! 2Touch version 3.03 (v3.03) is not EMV compatible. 

You and your processor can obtain what you need to know about the platforms for a successful partnership using OUR CHART.

2Touch v4 currently integrates seamlessly with Vantiv Integrated Payments.

We receive the setup sheet for your account directly. We are with you every step of the way! The form on this page below is for Non-EMV processing only; It cannot be accessed without a login.


Use the 2TouchPOS Account Managers to Tell YOU about Payment Flexibility!



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