Our Commitment

Our client fulfillment and support methods are continuously refined and optimized to provide you with the right support expertise when you need it.


This methodology, combined with the use of our Customer Relationship Management System, ensures that our clients receive the level of support we have committed to.

Emails and calls to our helpdesk are logged and assigned to best suited support specialist. Clients receive acknowledgements to all open incidents and as the case progresses we stay in touch. System outages are prioritized should they occur. The technical staff at 2TouchPOS is there when YOU need us most.

+1 Phone: (888) 756-7994 ext 2

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Help Desk Support

Our support team is available daily.  Please call and your message is queued. 

Calls are returned when they are assigned. Help desk service personnel answer questions pertaining to the operation of 2TouchPOS™ software.

For example:

  • How are menu items added?
  • How do I change my speed screen?
  • I forgot to adjust tips and I closed out.  What do I do?

*Talk to your Account Executive to select YOUR Plan.

2TouchPOS Support Plan


Having a support plan is the fastest way to receive seamless support for Your STAFF!

  • Helps you maximize uptime
  • Allows you to maintain smooth operations
  • Can be used to answer day to day user questions
  • Can be used for menu configuration assistance
  • Can be used to lock down employee permissions
  • Teaches you how to leverage your system
  • Provides you access to videos & documentation and live support
  • No surprises; our support contract provides you with peace of mind!

Emergency Services

     Your emergency is our  priority -

any time - any day!

Occasionally when you call the technician may not answer directly. Be sure to leave a message. Our system will place your recording into a "queue" so that our tech team can call you back in the same order which the call was received.  These services provide assistance with equipment or software failures that may interfere with your ability to serve your customers.


*A fee may apply depending on your support plan status.

2TouchPOS Support Plans Include Version Upgrades

  • Having a Support Plan provides automatic access to the latest version of 2TouchPOS
  • Entitles you to upgrade your 2Touch software up to two times per year
  • Includes licensing and technician time to complete the upgrades
  • Essentially this provides you with a cost effective means to keep your software current
  • Keeps you on the cutting edge of 2TouchPOS technologies
  • Our product developers are working around the clock to incorporate new technologies; don't get left behind!

Installation Services

Installation Services are Scheduled. (Monday through Friday 8 AM – 5 PM EST, excluding holidays). 

We supply remote installation services for hardware and software related to your 2TouchPOS system.  Installations are scheduled with a qualified technician, so that it is reasonable to expect the effort will be complete by 6 pm.

  • 2TouchPOS Software

  • Credit Card Software

  • Stations and their peripherals

  • Printers

We recommend installing critical equipment at least one day in advance of its use. Plan for involved menu changes ahead of time.

Performing an installation at any other time is subject to an off hours discretional installation fee, depending upon availability of off-hour technicians.

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To upgrade or renew your support contract, give our Sales Department a call at (866)227-8682.  If that is not convenient e-mail us.