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Eric Elwell is revolutionizing the business landscape for restaurant, bar, and nightclub owners with his cutting edge 2 Touch Point of Sale Technology. Elwell, the founder of Xenios LLC, has brought together a dynamic team to influence the way the restaurant industry handles day to day operations by offering a system that will save business owners time and money. 2TouchPOS tracks specific nuances of their business, and creates reports that have the potential to catapult their business into greater profitability. Armed with proven data from actual results, he is able to graphically demonstrate the impact his progressive technology can have on the bottom line. Elwell, a former real estate investor and mortgage broker, left the housing industry and became a business consultant in 2002. After calling on businesses for several months and gaining extensive training in business process improvement, he pieced together a commonality. He was encountering a very limited amount of data generated to formulate improvement strategies. This really got Eric thinking about how he could support the restaurant business and he started planning how to proceed. He started a plan to do this for a living.

Elwell Shares His Insights...

Elwell states; "I noticed that small business owners were using cash registers instead of computerized point-of-sale systems. I knew they needed software help! So I became a Microsoft partner. I was set to provide a retail management package and accounting package". As a result of this discovery and training, Elwell founded Small Business Systems LLC in 2002 and expanded it in 2005 when he acquired the Microsoft Corporation business practice of a local accounting firm. With twelve employees, the firm focused primarily on automating point-of-sale processes for companies in the retail and hospitality sectors. As a result of the acquisition, Elwell's Small Business Systems LLC strengthened accounting practices to provide end-to-end transaction services for clients. Within a few short years Elwell’s business model was being redefined as he found the market area where he felt he could have the most impact. He paraphrases the words of Chet Holmes; who said: Becoming a master is not about doing 4000 things. It's about doing things 4000 times. Based on our experience, and the fact that we have done it yes…. 4000 times, in 2008 the company decided to divest the accounting and retail point of sale services so they could focus on a redefined purpose, point-of-sale (POS) for bars, restaurants and night clubs.

Early Beginnings

The firm had been selling 2 Touch POS since early 2000 as a dealer, but decided in 2008 to concentrate solely on selling this system without the distraction of other business objectives vying for attention. To accomplish the goal of becoming THE POINT OF SALE EXPERT, Elwell said: “We made a couple of key hires internally to focus on systemization, and basically what we realized is that if we don’t get help from the people writing the software, and the listen to the people using the software then it will be hard to grow". Meanwhile, the owner of 2 Touch POS determined his company had strayed from their origin as a custom software development firm. As a result, Elwell was given an opportunity to acquire 2 Touch POS and in September of 2009 the Elwell team became proprietors. It was a big shift. With the acquisition of 2 Touch POS, Xenios LLC was created and the company now operates within this structure. As an avid reader, Elwell has been influenced by numerous authors over the course of his professional career. Michael Gerber and the E-Myth Academy and Tony Robbins have been standouts in the formation of his strategic methodology in building his business. Both of these authors have breathed encouragement and intelligence into the ongoing formation of his business savvy. Elwell has taken conceptual writings and combined them with his own practical experiences to develop a winning atmosphere for himself, his team of experts, and the customers he serves.

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Consumer Comparisons

The system Elwell and the team have developed goes beyond simple point of sale software. It focuses on sales and business management to enable the establishment owner to become more profitable. Elwell has also developed a strategic affiliation with developers and specialists in inventory strategies and reporting. This has opened the door for an expanded clientele base. The goal is to help clients increase their contribution margin, execute menu engineering tactics, and improve overall sales and business management tactics. According to Elwell, “The owners that use us love us and swear by us!”

Our product is customer driven; our developers made it happen and we are always looking for ways to improve. It is simple, easy, and fast. Our customers just love it. Anyone that has used any other program and then has used ours will tell you that our system well; it is the best POS out there. This is custom developed software that we have been able to scale to the masses in a way that is extremely beneficial to the business owner.

Elwell’s company has sponsored the Night Club and Bar Rescue Tour which was a series of educational seminars for industry owners held in Chicago, Philadelphia and Long Beach. Elwell has also held his own educational events in multiple cities throughout the country. He says: “We work with our inventory specialists during training events. They focus their presentation on inventory control and we teach business owners how to get more contribution margin per guest.” Elwell’s current educational presentations are entitled, Four Key Threats to Your Survival and Three Strategic Sales Practices to Supercharge Your Bar Revenue.


Elwell’s goal is not just to sell product, he sincerely wants to add value to the business process through owner education. “Yes, we have products and services to support what we teach. But we want to add significant value to our customers and potential customers business practices”.

Some owners have told us that the information they received from our seminars could mean an extra quarter of a million dollars a year to them. One owner told us after the educational event they attended, "Thank you very much for this information, I know what I know and I am beginning to understand what I don’t know. When I receive these little tidbits of information to help me run my business more efficiently, I get very excited. I am very interested in the reports you were running, especially the menu performance reports. With this I can now spend some time learning more about my business.” Elwell explains.

The 2 Touch POS system has numerous benefits for the independent operator. One example is a simple process referred to as Speed of Service. This simple method can literally be implemented on the system in two minutes. Another owner said by implementing this one component, it will increase his revenue by ninety-thousand dollars annually. Another simplistic, but powerful feature is the Menu Engineering Worksheet. The worksheet is a report based on sales that will give the owner information about how to structure their menu for maximum return on investment (ROI). This report, along with other educational information about the psychology of menu preparation Elwell is able to supply, has also been proven to increase sales. In fact, the information he teaches is based on a study completed for Cornell University in which certain menu placement tactics can increase the average ticket size by eight percent.

A Progressive Future

Elwell attributes his success to persistence. He says; “Failure is not an option. Either we win or we disappear. Either we are growing or we are shrinking. Every day I review key metrics and compare where we are to where we want to be. We have also developed a very good sales system. It combines all of those things that have brought successes to the establishments that we have worked with”. Elwell and his team pride themselves on the educational events they hold. We believe this has also been a significant factor in our company wide success. Additionally, we have created over three hundred YouTube instructional videos and eLearning to function as ongoing support and training for establishments.

The 2TouchPOS team is a well organized group and we have developed a software system that may be the most user friendly system available on the market today. The 2TouchPOS system has caught the attention of television host Jon Taffer of Spike TV’s popular program: Bar Rescue. The 2TouchPOS system is featured on this popular program in the upcoming season. Elwell says; “This is and has been; a tremendous opportunity for us to support an outstanding television program that is watched by millions of people in our industry. It has been a pleasure to work with Jon Taffer and the staff of Bar Rescue. We strongly believe our product will make a significant difference in the ongoing operation of the bars featured in these upcoming episodes. That is our ultimate goal, to help owners in our industry become as successful as possible".

Because of the solid foundation that has been established, Elwell anticipates that sales will double this year and expects a continual climb in revenue over the course of the next several years; we anticipate adding more software developers, account managers and additional installers.

He will continue to tour the country as a speaker at educational events and will always be looking for ways to improve the software system for the benefit of our customer base. Because of his expertise and contributions to his profession, Elwell was featured as one of America's Premier Experts and Trendsetters.


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